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Nurturing Warmth for Chicks: Emulate the gentle embrace of a mother hen with Pet & Livestock HQ's 30.5cm x 30.5cm (12" x 12") brooder heater plate. Designed to comfortably accommodate up to 25 chicks or ducklings, this heater provides consistent warmth. Its easy-clean design ensures a hassle-free experience.

  • Nurturing Growth & Comfort: Seamlessly accommodating your chicks' growth spurts, our adjustable brooder ensures they always feel cocooned, cared for, and wrapped in the gentle embrace reminiscent of their mother.
  • Perfect Warmth for Every Breed: Whether you're raising petite bantams or sturdy layers, adjust the brooder's height to cater to every breed's unique needs, recreating that snug feeling only a mother hen provides.
  • Safety & Well-being First: With precision height adjustments, protect your chicks from overheating, ensuring they always thrive in the most optimal conditions.
  • Versatile & Long-Lasting Care: Our brooder stands as a timeless guardian for your chicks, from their first peep to their spirited adolescence, and is also a haven for ducklings and other baby birds.
  • Invest in Comprehensive Protection: Beyond mere warmth, ensure every new life under your care feels treasured, protected, and enveloped in unwavering safety.
    • Weight: 1.6kg (3.48 lbs)
    • Size: 45cm x 31cm x 5.5cm (17.71" x 12.20" x 2.16")
    • Power Supply Mode: 5V DC adapter
    • Supply Current: 0.08 mA


    Note: The chicken brooder operates on AC220V-AC240V for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and most other countries, and AC110V for USA and Canada. These voltages are set based on your location at purchase. Should you require a different voltage than your region's standard, please contact us directly to arrange a suitable alternative.

    Pet Safety & Health Tips

    For optimal performance from this energy-efficient unit, it's crucial to acknowledge that its heat output has precise limits. Your considerations should include room temperature, chicks' age and count, and their species.

    • Prevent Draughts: Place your brooder on a flat, stable surface in a draught-free zone and ensure the chicks have safe & plenty bedding. Ensure room temperature remains above 10°C at night.
    • Adjust Brooder HeightInitially, position the brooder low, allowing chicks to snuggle underneath as they would in a nest.  As the chicks grow always maintain at least a 30mm gap between the brooder and the litter surface.
    • Ensure Mobility: Allow ample space around one side of the chick brooder for chicks to move freely. They'll self-regulate their temperature by positioning themselves as needed under or atop the brooder. If the location is cold, shield one or two sides against the brooding box's side.
    • Post-Hatching Care: After hatching, let chicks remain in the incubator for at least 24 hours. This rest period lets them recover and dry, without the need for food or water. If a chick seems weak, extend its incubator stay. Especially monitor the chicks in their initial days when they're most susceptible.
    • Protection from Predators: Ensure that chicks are safe from potential threats like predators or other pets.
    • Regular Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and ammonia. Clean up spilled feed and change bedding regularly.
    Package Contents & Bonuses
    • 1 x Heating Plate
    • 4 x Legs
    • 4 x Hex Knobs
    • 1 x DC Adapter

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    4 Great Reasons To Choose Our Chicken Brooder 


    Growth-Friendly Adjustable Height

    1. As your chicks flourish, our brooder adapts. With 10-inch legs, adjust the plate height from 0.5cm to 21cm (1.2 to 8.3 inches), making it a perfect fit throughout their growth stages.


    Precision Temperature Control

    2. The LCD display consistently monitors and displays the heater's temperature, ensuring a consistent and adjustable warmth for an ideal environment for your chicks.


    Eco-Friendly Efficiency

    3. Operating at a mere 30W, the chick brooder heat plate's wattage adjusts with your temperature preferences. Not only does it maintain steady warmth, but it also prides itself on reducing energy consumption by 90% compared to conventional heat lamps.


    Safety & Longevity Guaranteed

    4. Safety first with the brooder's 12-volt radiant-heated base, ensuring uniform heat and low power use without fire hazards. Made with flame-resistant ABS plastic, it promises durability. A touch of waterproofing ensures it's resilient even in light rain, and its 1-year warranty adds an extra layer of trust.


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