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Buy Advanced Night Trail Cameras in Our Online Store

Our reliable high-resolution Solar Trail Camera is a must-have for any wildlife enthusiast, hunter, security professional and rancher.

Designed and developed to endure the harsh outside elements, our high quality tack sharp image solar powered trail camera can help you with surveying wildlife, monitoring predators & trespassers, hunting or as part of your security surveillance.

Every hunting enthusiast or wildlife lover needs a great video trail camera in their kit. That’s why Pet Control HQ has a range of options to suit every need and budget.

As an Australian owned and operated online store, you can shop our range with the utmost confidence knowing that you will get value for your money. We even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders!

Shop our range of night trail cameras today to find what you need for a great price!

Why choose a solar game camera?

If you’re looking to invest in a reliable hunting camera that offers the latest and greatest technology, our online catalogue has you covered. There are many reasons why wildlife enthusiasts and hunters all over the world are choosing solar trail cameras for their kit.

These game cameras allow you to:

  • Capture sharper images and video all day and night with HD resolution infrared technology.
  • Shoot in all weather conditions, from torrential rain to dry heat.
  • Securely leave your device anywhere knowing that it is shockproof, dustproof and designed to endure virtually all elements!

How our video trail camera can improve your hunting experience

With Pet Control HQ’s innovative solar game hunting camera, you can discover animal hotspots with the utmost clarity. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the game, this trail camera helps you:

  • Avoid the inconvenient and time-consuming task of recharging your camera every few hours.
  • Minimise false-triggers and distorted imagery that impacts your hunting experience.
  • Catch small animals on camera at night without scaring them away.
  • Utilise your camera more often thanks to its highly portable design.
  • Monitor livestock and improve your home security.
  • Keep predators and trespassers out.

When you purchase from our online store, you can start using your solar game camera immediately. Our easy set-up design and comprehensive english instructions takes away all the confusion you usually expect from a new gadget!

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In addition to the latest solar trail camera technology, Pet Control HQ makes it easier than ever to find all the best pet and livestock products for your home or farm. Our online range offers everything you need to groom your pet, train your dog or keep your dog healthy with the right products.

No matter what you choose from our online catalogue, you can have peace of mind knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed or you’ll get your money back!

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If you want to learn more about trail cameras (Video and Images) and how they can work for you, take a look at our online catalogue today! Place your order to enjoy free shipping anywhere worldwide.