Horse Grooming

Groom Your Horse with the Highest Quality Clippers Shears Available in Australia

We’re renowned for our high quality horse grooming products. Easy to use whilst ensuring your Horse’s happiness and safety, choose our range of Horse Clippers for when grooming your horse.

In regards to horse clippers, the difference in quality between makes and models can be astronomical. Horse shears need to be extremely well-designed, highly durable and carefully manufactured with premium materials and extra sharp blades in order to get the job done seamlessly.

While nature will take care of shedding a decent amount of your horse’s excess hair, a quality pair of clippers allows you to keep your horses coat well-groomed and glossier, cut down on grooming times, and prevent your horse from catching a chill.

It’s no big secret that horses are easily startled by noises. As such, it is crucial that you use safe, reliable and efficient horse shears when grooming your horse, to get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Pet Control HQ’s selection of horse grooming shears are carefully crafted and assembled to combine the precise trimming using a high-powered motor with noise- and vibration-reduction components to keep your horse’s stress levels at a minimum throughout the grooming process.

Whether you are new to the art of horse grooming or a seasoned horse-shearing pro, you will find our range of horse clippers to be remarkably easy to use. While the product offering listed here is specially designed for horses in particular, our horse shearing cutters are also suitable for cattle, pigs, camels, kangaroos and other large animals that are starting to look a little bit matted!

Pet Control HQ supplies horse owners with premium grade horse shearing handpieces

As pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, Pet Control HQ is passionate about supplying Australians with the finest quality products to care for their pets and livestock.

This is why we meticulously research each new item that we add to our selection; to ensure that we are offering you well-designed, quality-made, highly durable products at affordable prices. Our horse shearing clippers are no exception to this rule.

We can also assist you with cattle clippers, sheep shears, dog grooming and all your electric fencing needs.

We are your premier destination for first-class pet and livestock supplies online in Australia

At Pet Control HQ, our superb nationwide reputation for premium grade products, efficient service and affordable prices stems from our deep-seeded passion for helping people ensure their pets and livestock are safe, happy and healthy at all times.

It’s this commitment to the wellbeing of your animals that drives us to keep our online store well-stocked with the finest quality animal care products on the market.

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