Cattle Prodders

Find All Your Essential Electric Cattle Prods, Supplies & More at Pet Control HQ

Our safe and humane range of cattle prodders are the preferred choice for cattle farmers worldwide. We understand the importance of providing safe yet effective and reliable products for cattle handlers. Discover our range of cattle products to safely help you when handling your livestock.

Handling cattle can be hard work, which is why we strive to make it that much easier for you, by providing Australians with all the latest and greatest cattle prods, clippers, electric fences and other cattle supplies at affordable prices.

Whether you own a small or large herd of cattle using our range of prods, clippers and energizers will make your cattle handling experience a pleasant one for both you and your cattle.

At Pet Control HQ, we are only interested in supplying humane products that have been tested for quality, safety and durability. Rest assured, we are your premier destination for reliable, safe and effective cattle supplies online in Australia.

Our battery-powered cow prods make cattle control a pleasant experience

While cattle prods aren’t something we like to use, they are an essential device for protection for any handler managing groups of livestock; regardless of the size of the herd.

Pet Control HQ’s selection of cattle prods and holsters includes a diverse range of stock prods from handheld to shaft with varying voltages and sizes to accommodate your specific requirements, and every item has been purpose-designed for humane use. All our stock prods emit a high-pitched noise only heard by your livestock that is usually enough of a deterrent to manage and get your cattle moving in the right direction.

You’ll find this same level of ingenuity in all of our exceptional products; from electric fencing systems and blood glucose diabetes monitors, to our solar trail game hunting camera traps and anti-bark dog collars

Pet Control HQ has got all your cattle supplies and livestock products sorted

There is a whole host of reasons to choose Pet Control HQ for all your online cattle supply needs in Australia.

Not only do we provide efficient and reliable worldwide delivery, but shipping is absolutely free. Customers also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

Pair this with our flexible returns/exchange policy and our wealth of industry expertise (which we are more than happy to share with customers who need guidance making the ideal product choice to accommodate their needs), and it’s a no-brainer.

Our teams are proud pet and livestock owners ourselves; you can rest assured you’ve come to the right place, at Pet Control HQ.

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