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ingredient list

You do not include a complete ingredient list in your shampoo bar. Only the oils. I know there must me more than just oils. What is the cleansing surfactant or is this a saponified product? What is the pH?

Great little clippers

We have a small flock of sheep and are new to shearing and these were really easy to use. Did the job really well and were very reasonably priced.

Works perfectly

Purchased the system to prevent our dog from running out of the gate when we opened it to leave/return to the property in the car. We showed her to boundary, she was shocked once and now stays well away from the boundary making life a lot easier. If she does get close she is deterred from going further by the beep and vibration warnings

These clippers are awesome! My

They slice through my dogs thick coat like butter. Prior to this I bought some Wahl “pet” clippers on Amazon and they were completely useless. These are of course much heavier and noiser so my dog doesn’t like them as much. But they work really well. I’ve only used them once, but they turned a 2hr job into a 20 minute one. Highly recommended!

Double whammy

Both our Jack Russell dogs have become very compliant with staying @ home now & enjoying their immediate surroundings!
The electric dog fence has worked a treat & has brought back some order in our household. Can’t thank you enough🙏🏼

Electric Fence Ring Insulators

Very Happy with the product!! And the fast postal delivery!!

Great service.

Very happy with product. Easy to set up and use. My two little dogs quickly learnt where their boundary was located with just the beeping sound.

Best purchase

This electric dog fence and collar has saved my garden from my 2 naughty dogs who loved getting in and pulling my plants apart. I can't recommend enough. The price is great too

Product is as Promised

No complaints thusfar. Easy two piece assembly and easy to charge. Unlike the stun guns I am familiar with, initiating the prodder does not create a visible current, but you can hear it is prepared to do so when the current comes into contact with something to complete the circuit. (Subtext: don't think it isn't working and touch it to someone's face or something similar)

Good product, good length.

One improvement I would suggest is some sort of LED display showing how much charge remains.

Happy with the product

Good reliable products prompt service and have used these products for years now

pet collar

easy to set up, works great. the warning beep is a good feature

Pro Electric Horse Clippers Grooming Shears for Trimming & Clipping - 380W

Pet Control HQ Extra Shock Collar for Remote Hunting Dog Training System

This bit of gear has helped transform my “highly spirited” GSP Bitch into a very well mannered hunting mate without the need for any further corrections above vibration or sound. Excellent customer service and prompt postage coupled with reasonable prices has had me come back as a return customer without hesitation. Thanks Pet Control HQ for making Man’s Best Friend even Better 😎

Clipper blades

Work great, easy to sharpen. Lasted quite a while before needing new blades.

Very friendly and helpful!!!

It was a very pleasant experience, which is rarely experienced in retail today!! Very knowledgeable and willing to help!!

Very Happy with the Product

I live on a rural property and need my standard poodles to be safe when I am not home,
It only took 5 days to train the dogs to not go through open gates without my permission
The dogs will not go any closer than 3 metres to the fence line before they sit or go back to the house

Hv dog dryer

So happy with the blower we purchased through pet control HQ. Has made grooming so much easier and the dryer is a great product for a great price. Delivery was quick and the whole process was simple. Thanks for a great product.

german shepherd

Have had a perimeter collar now for several years for a germanshepherd in a farming situation and it is extremely effective in keeping our dog in the yard.He is that used to the collar now and trained a lot of the time you need not turn the collar on and he remains where he should be.

Comb & cutter

Great gear. Willing buy again. Fast postage.

Excellent Customer Service

All good across the board.. Thank you

Pet and Livestock HQ Machine Lubricating Oil for Sheep Shears Dog Horse Clippers Human Electric Clipper


The best decision I have ever made

Dog invisible Fence

Great product. I have two stubborn 'staffies' that could not resist chewing plants, reticulation and digging holes visiting the neighbours dogs. This worked wonders! The neighbours is talking to me again..

The Dog Teacher

Great product.. Our dog Zeus has learnt how close to go to the fence.
He hears the beep and backs off.We live on a state highway and Binty was struck by a vehicle and killed.With this fence we do not have to worry about Zeus getting onto the road.thanks