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Introducing our comprehensive Solar Electric Fence Bundle, the ultimate solution to provide a reliable, sustainable and cost effective power source that is easy to install. This all-in-one package includes the essential components needed to power and secure your electric fence, ensuring your livestock are securely contained and predators or trespassers are kept out!

  • Cost Savings: By harnessing solar power, the bundle eliminates the need for expensive grid electricity, resulting in significant cost savings over time and uses renewable energy.
  • Easy Installation: The bundle includes all the essential components needed for a quick and straightforward electric fence installation. You can easily and conveniently set up your electric fence and don't have the hassle of spending time and effort sourcing individual items separately.
  • Effective Deterrence: The combination of the solar fence energizer, polytape, and fence insulators ensures a reliable and robust electric fence system. It effectively protects your livestock from wandering off your property and predators, providing you with security and peace of mind.
  • Versatility: The bundle is suitable for various applications, including permanent fencing, temporary fencing or rotational grazing. You can customize the fence according to your specific needs.
  • Low Maintenance: The sealed and maintenance-free Lithium Ion battery included in the bundle requires minimal upkeep, reducing ongoing maintenance requirements and costs.

3km Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser Charger

  • Energy for single pulse current: 0.08 Joules 
  • Input voltage of Solar Panel: 11Volts
  • Output Voltage: 7,500 Volts 
  • Input current of Solar panel: 15mA
  • Stored Energy: 0.1 Joule 
  • Operation temperature: -20°C and 80°C 
  • Max. fence length: 3km 
  • Solar panel voltage: 11Volts
  • Solar panel output: 2.3 Watts
  • Panasonic Lithium Ion battery voltage: 7.4 V
  • Panasonic Lithium Ion battery capacity: 3.4 AH
  • IP Rating: IPX4 
  • Dark aging room test (covering the solar panel): 10 days 
  • Physical Dimensions: 23cm x 22cm x 15cm 
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 16.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Total Weight: 1.2kg 
  • Microprocessor Technology: Adjusts output for battery life 
  • Advanced SMD/MCU Technology 
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel: Efficient power 
  • Polycarbonate Case: UV, shock, rust, corrosion resistant 
  • Protection: Overcharge, reverse battery 
  • Sunlight Requirement: Minimal (10 days without sun) 
  • Pulse Indicator Light 
  • High Impact Enclosure: Fits Y-posts/wood posts 
  • Includes: Connection cables, On/Off switch 
  • Charging Port: For 8.4V/0.5A mains/battery charger

Electric Fence Insulators

  • Insulator Size: 9mm Diameter 
  • Screw Length: 46mm 
  • Pack Size: 50 Ring Insulators 
  • Color: Black 
  • Max Wire Thickness: 12.7mm 
  • Installation: Screws into Wood Posts/Stakes 
  • Core Material: Galvanized Metal 
  • Moisture Resistant: Three Drip Protrusions 
  • Compatibility: Polytape, Polywire, Polyrope, Stranded Wire 
  • Wire Capacity: Fits up to 12.7mm 
  • Wire Durability: UV Resistant, High Strength 
  • Features: Anti-Rust, Anti-Freeze 
  • Application: Start Points, Corners, Continuous Fence Stretches 
  • Quality: Superior Insulation, Sturdy Material 
  • Composition: Tension-Reinforced Plastic 
  • Benefits: Weatherproof, Prevents Fence Shorting

Polytape Electric Fence 500m Insulator Tape

  • Length: 500m 
  • Width: 20mm 
  • Color: Red, Blue, White (High Visibility) 
  • Material: 6 x 20mm 
  • Stainless Steel Conductors Coating: UV Treated 
  • Strength: 100kgs 
  • Features: Great Conductivity, UV Protected, Weather Resistant, Anti-Rust 
  • Lightweight with Low Resistance Conductors Design: Open Weave for Wind Pass-Through 
  • Durability: Strong & Robust 
  • High Visibility: Red, Blue, and White Colors 
  • Suitable for: Rotational Grazing, Temporary Fencing & Horse fencing

Electric Fence Warning Signs (Pack of 5)

  • Size: 24.5cm X 12.7cm 
  • Quantity/Pack: 5 
  • Colour: Yellow and black
Pet Safety & Health Tips
  • Please ensure the operator does not have any heart problems as this item may cause further health issues.
  • For best battery effect, please FULLY CHARGE the battery overnight before using the first time using an Australian plug . 
  • Switch the energizer off before installation or performing any work on the fence.
  • Do not connect to mains-operated or line-operated equipment.
  • The energizer circuitry has lightning strike protection and also withstands any damage if a continuous ground fault occurs. However do not connect it simultaneously to a fence and to any other devices such as cattle or poultry trainer as if lightning strikes your fence it will affect all devices.
  • Check your installation to make certain it complies with all local safety regulations.
Package Contents & Bonuses

Your Package Includes: 

  • 1 Solar Fence Energizer 
  • 1 500m Role Polytape 
  • 50 Electric Fence Ring Insulators 
  • 1 Lithium Ion battery (sealed & maintenance free) 
  • 1 Line connection cable with "Positive Connect" alligator clip 
  • 1 Earth connection cable with "Positive Connect" alligator clip 
  • 5 Warning signs Operating guide

PLUS - These FREE Bonus Gifts worth an extra $54 

  • 1 Insulator Socket Tool for fast & efficient screwing and unscrewing of many ring insulators without damaging the screw thread. 
  • 'Pet & Livestock HQ Guide to Selecting & Constructing the Right Electric Fence’ ebook

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A Couple of Great Reasons To Choose Our 3km Solar Electric Fence Energiser


Powerful Hybrid Solar Power Fence Charger 

1. Our Solar Electric Fence Energizer is a powerful, durable and robust solution to either keep your pets and livestock in or out of your property. Incorporating an internal battery our solar energizer is perfect for both strip grazing or powering a small area. No mains power supply is required, it’s portable, easy to install, effective and can be used on your farm, at the gymkhana, as a temporary livestock containment or even just around your suburban home! It’s compact, lightweight and versatile - making it an effective low maintenance item around your property.


High Output Humane Solar Electric Fence Energizer 

2. The large 2.3W state-of -the -art solar panel and strong 7.4V Lithium Ion battery provide worry free operation for fences up to 3km in length. The unit is ideal for both permanent fencing and in situations where a temporary fence is needed. If the fence is activated by an animal making contact with the fence, the unit will only generate a brief pulse to prevent harmful electric shocks as the voltage will drop from 7500V to 1120V (which is still enough to make the animals back off).

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