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Boost the effectiveness of your electric fence with our High Conductivity Polytape. Engineered for optimal electrical transmission, our polytape ensures a consistent deterrent, aiding in the safe containment and management of your livestock.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Our polytape's broad surface and white colour is more visible than wire, making it easier for your animals especially horses to recognise the fence and reducing the risk of accidental run-ins.
  • High Conductivity: With a larger conductive surface area, our high conductivity polytape delivers a more potent shock, ensuring effective containment of your animals and giving you peace of mind your animals are safe and contained.
  • Robust Construction: The woven structure of our polytape improves its strength and durability, enabling it to withstand harsh weather conditions and animal impact.
  • Easy Installation: Our polytape is lightweight and easy to install, making any fence adjustments a quick and hassle-free task.
  • Versatility: It's an ideal solution for permanent fencing as well as temporary fencing or rotational grazing systems, as it's easy to move and reconfigure. Our polytape is suitable for horses, cows and sheep and can be used with a wide range of insulators, offering flexibility for your specific setup.
    • Length: 500m 
    • Width: 20mm 
    • Colour: Red, Blue, White (High Visibility) 
    • Material: 6 x 20mm Stainless Steel Conductors 
    • Coating: UV Treated 
    • Strength: 100kgs 
    • Features: Great Conductivity, UV Protected, Weather Resistant, Anti-Rust Lightweight with Low Resistance Conductors 
    • Design: Open Weave for Wind Pass-Through 
    • Durability: Strong & Robust 
    • High Visibility: Red, Blue, and White Colors 
    • Suitable for: Rotational Grazing, Temporary Fencing & Horse fencing
    Package Contents & Bonuses

    Your Package Includes: 

    • 1 x 500m roll of polytape

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    6 Great Reasons To Choose Our Polytape


      Pet & Livestock HQ polytape consists of 6 inter-woven and highly conductive
      stainless-steel strands. Stainless steel is a great conductor of electricity, it doesn’t rust, and it doesn’t break like aluminium wires.
      0.8 inch wide, white polytape is highly visible to animals and humans and will
      discourage your livestock from coming close to the fence. Your animals are less likely to make accidental contact with the fence.
    3. USAGE
      Due to the visibility of polytape, this electric fence is ideal to be used as guarding fence for
      horses, as a temporary fencing set up, rotational grazing fence, equine fence kit, etc. It is suitable for portable and semi-permanent electric fences. It’s easy to install, repair, and rewind.
       Quickly adjust paddock sizes and subdivide pastures.
      Block access to “resting” paddocks.
      Create paths from one paddock to the next.
      Keep livestock in areas where forage growth is at its peak.
      With an excellent resistance to corrosion, rust and UV radiation, the
      metallic strands make this fencing polytape one of the best fencing solutions. The polytape fence has a generous length of 500m.
      Some horses crib on fences as much as they do against their
      stalls. With our poly tape fence in place, you horse cannot crib perimeter fence posts and rails.
      Polytape fence doesn’t use any barbs or sharp edges, so
      the fence can’t cut or abrase your animals skin. Fantastic solution for show horses.

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