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Enhance your livestock management with the innovative Portable Electric Netting Fence Kit, designed strategically for poultry, sheep, and other livestock containment. Our pre-assembled electric netting fence is easy to install and designed to provide reliable, durable, and user-friendly containment solutions. It’s the perfect choice for farmers seeking rotational grazing management and predator control.

The electric netting fence kit comes equipped with robust and visible netting material, making it an ideal electric netting fence for chickens, ensuring they are safe and contained without the risk of escape or predation. Its flexibility and portability mean that it can be set up quickly and adapted to various terrains, making it a versatile tool for any farming or homesteading environment.

  • Effortless Setup: Unpack, set up, and go! Our pre-assembled electric netting fence design makes it a simple and easy one-person job.  No complicated instructions and no tools required just immediate protection for your livestock. Our intuitive design ensures that even first-time users can set up the fence without any hassle.
  • Secure & Versatile Protection: Achieve peace of mind knowing your livestock, poultry or pets are safe from predators and contained within secure boundaries. It's suitable for a wide range of animals, making it a versatile solution for any farm or homestead.
  • Robust Durability & Superior Quality: Made from high-quality materials, our electric netting fence is robust against wear and all weather conditions ensuring consistent performance over time. The fence is designed to withstand harsh environments, from scorching heat to heavy rain. Trust in a product that is built to last, providing reliable protection year after year.
  • Adaptable Design: Whether it's poultry, sheep, or goats requiring containment our netting fence adjusts to your unique farming needs. The modular design allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration to suit different setups. Customise your containment strategy effortlessly with our flexible fencing options.
  • Sustainable: Power up your fence with solar energy, embracing a greener tomorrow while safeguarding today's livestock. Reduce your carbon footprint and operational costs with our eco-friendly solar-powered options. Support sustainable farming practices while ensuring the safety of your animals.

Rest assured, this kit includes all necessary components to set up a secure perimeter, including posts, pegs and guy lines for use at the fences ends, corners and bends. To electrify the netting fence, you can use a solar fence energiser, energizer that harnesses the sun to power the fence providing a sustainable, cost effective and efficient fencing solution. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, our electric netting fence kit and accessories offer peace of mind with minimal maintenance.

This product is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance farm productivity, keeping predators out and protecting livestock and crops from potential harm. Our electric netting fence offers a practical solution that balances the needs for animal safety and efficient land use. 

Invest in our electric netting fence kit today to take the first step towards more effective and efficient livestock management. At Pet Control HQ, we’ve also got you covered for all your sheep shearing, horse grooming, and other livestock management needs – shop online with us today.


  • Length – 50m (164’)
  • Height – 1.2m (48”)
  • Colour- Orange and white
  • Semi-rigid vertical strut 7.5cm (3”)/ 15cm (6”) apart
  • 18 horizontal poly wires, 14 of which are live
  • The top horizontal poly wire has 3 x 0.20 mm stainless-steel strands
  • The middle 13 poly wires have 3 x 0.20 mm stainless-steel strands
  • The two nets are connected
  • The bottom 2 wires are non-electrified (to avoid earthing issues, please not allow vegetation to touch the live horizontal poly wires)
  • Semi-rigid vertical struts are non-electrified
  • 19 x stable fibreglass + ABS plastic mixed posts
  • Equipped with double spikes for extra stability
  • Includes stainless-steel connection clip at the beginning and end of the netting fence (to connect energizers or other sections of netting)
  • Includes free repair kit
  • Includes 8 tension ropes for stability

Note: We recommend fixing both ends posts of the netting to a strong fencing post to ensure the netting remains tight and stable. Also perfectly suitable for goats and sheep.

Pet Safety & Health Tips
  • Ensure that children are at a safe distance during installation. Educate them about the dangers of the fence once it's active.
  • Clear the fence line of foliage or other materials that will drain energy from the net (e.g. tall grass/weeds and tree limbs).
  • Consider having a secondary non-electric fence or barrier in place, especially if your animals are prone to escaping or if the electric fence might fail (due to power issues, for example).
  • Wet conditions can enhance electrical conductivity. It's safest to install and handle the netting when both you and the ground are dry.
  • Metal can interfere with the fence's operation. Keep the netting away from large metal objects or surfaces.
  • Even if the netting is pre-assembled, it often requires a separate grounding rod or stake. Ensure it's properly installed to make the fence effective and safe.
  • Ensure there's no buildup of dry grass or debris near the fence, as it can be a potential fire hazard.
  • When installing, ensure that the posts are spaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid sagging or collapsing.
  • Always remember to supervise and regularly inspect your fence to ensure optimal operation and safety for your livestock.
Package Contents & Bonuses

Your Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Electric Netting Fence
  • 18 Horizontal wires 


PLUS - These FREE Bonus Gifts worth an extra $99.99! 

  • 19 x stable fibreglass + ABS plastic mixed posts
  • Stainless-steel connection clip at the beginning and end of the netting fence(to connect energizers or other sections of netting)
  • Equipped with double spikes for extra stability
  • 8 tension ropes for stability
  • Repair kit
  • ‘Guide to selecting & constructing the right Electric Fenc’ ebook 

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4 Great Reasons To Choose Our Electric Netting Fence 


Easy Installation & Mobility

1. Forget cumbersome setups. Our electric netting boasts a user-friendly design that requires minimal effort – making it a one-man job. Integrated fiberglass posts spaced at every 11 ft mean no additional tools are required. Plus, the 8 pegs and guy-lines offer extra stability at vital points such as corners and curves. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it's perfect for those who need quick solutions on the go.


Advanced Design for Maximum Safety

2. With 18 horizontal strands (14 of which are conductive) featuring graduated spacing, our fence ensures smaller chicks remain safely inside while the top is designed to prevent sagging. The strategic non-electrification of the bottom 2 strands prevents any unwanted electrical shorting due to weed growth.


Robust & Reliable for Peace of Mind

3. Crafted to endure even windy conditions, the Pet & Livestock HQ electric netting guarantees durability. The close spacing of the bottom 6 strands, at just 3" apart, ensures even the smallest chicks can't slip through, while the 11 conductive strands act as a formidable barrier against any predators.


Simplified Electrification Process

4. While the package doesn’t include an energiser, electrifying your fence couldn’t be easier. We recommend pairing with the Pet & Livestock HQ solar fence energiser for optimal results – a favourite among free range farmers and rotational graziers for its hassle-free setup and consistent performance.


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