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Do you have discounts on combined postage?

Yes. If you purchase multiple items in a single transaction, we will be able to combine them into a single delivery and save you more. Use Add to Cart button, and you will be able to see what discounts apply before you are committed to buying.

Can I track my order online?

All orders dispatched come with tracking. We will email your tracking number as soon as your item has been sent. You can track your order by clicking on the UPS Or USPS Tracking URL entering in your tracking number.




The collar is not working with the remote, or the collar works with the remote, but it is not working with the fence.

Reset the collar battery

The dog collar has 2 x IC components. Once component “talks” to the dog fence and the other IC component “talks” to the remote. If the dog fence system is not working i.e. collar is not emitting a shock for the dog fence function then the IC component that “talks” to the dog fence then the IC component has been damaged. Damage occurs if:
The owner drops the collar several times.

The dog continuously bangs the receiver against a hard surface i.e. a wall, the ground a fence, a rock, etc.

In these scenarios, we will replace the product under goodwill as long as the collar was purchased within the past eight months. Even if we replace the collar for free, we will still charge shipping. If a customer complains in a “hard” tone, we will replace the collar for free if the purchase was made between eight to 12 months before, still shipping will be charged.

We will not charge for the collar nor shipping within the first 60 days of purchase.


Why is my Blood Glucose meter giving me an EU error?

1. The EU error usually appears because the test strip has been reused or the sampling window of the test strip is wet.

2. The meter can also give an EU error if you place the blood on the test strip before inserting the test strip into the meter. You need to insert the test strip then place the blood into the test window.

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