Will It Ever End?
Whether it's birds in the garden, a person jogging past or a moving car, dogs LOVE barking at anything and everything. Once the barking starts, it seems like it will NEVER end, it's so frustrating!

Barking 24/7
It doesn't matter what time of day it is, does your bark all day, all night, constantly. Do your neighbors complain about excessive barking at all hours of the day? Is the barking disrupting your sleep, and waking you up in the middle of the night?

There Is Hope
Once your dog starts barking, sometimes it can even be harder to get your dog to stop the persistent barking. The good news is with a combination of training, treats and patience you can get your dog to stop barking.

Don't Reward Them While Barking
Don't reward your dog when they are barking instead in a firm tone say "Quiet" and wait patiently for them to stop the excessive barking.  Even if your dog just stops to take a breath and resumes barking praise them with affection and a treat. The barking can go on for a long time, but they'll get tired eventually. Don't cave in, that's exactly what they want! 

Identify the Reason
It's important you identify the source of your dogs nuisance behaviour.  Is your dog barking out of boredom, lack of physical and mental exercise, lack of socialisation skills or attention?

Remove Stimulation
Another reason they could start barking is from external stimulation. The first step to making your dog stop the excessive barking is to identify where the stimulation is coming from. Manage your dogs behaviour by either taking your dog away from the stimulation (i.e., take them into another room) or cover the window with a shade. 

Put The Focus Back On You
Using tricks when they are barking is helpful to refocus them on you. The goal is to have more of their attention than whatever the thing is that's stimulating them. Teach them these three commands to use whenever the barking begins.

Teach Them "Place"
Commanding them to go to their bed, or favorite spot. Stand in between them and whatever they're barking at and say "place" while pointing at that spot. 

Teach Them "Sit"
Tell them to "sit" whenever they become fixated on something. It puts their focus back on you, and from there you can redirect them. This one's great if your dog is always jumping on people out of excitement. 

Teach Them "Down"
This one comes right after the sit command. To hold their attention, command them to go down after they sit. Say "down" firmly, if they continue barking get in-between them and whatever they're barking at. 

Make Training A Breeze
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Stop The Barking
Our anti-bark dog collars are also a great tool for teaching your dog when it's not appropriate to bark. I highly recommend our citronella remote spray dog collar, it was the best training aid to get my dog to stop barking!

April 14, 2022 — Nick Flint