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Citronella Remote

1. Charge both the receiver and the remote. Turn on the remote by pressing any button, the screen will light up. Turn on the receiver by placing your finger over the on/off sensor for 3 seconds or until the LED light flashes blue.
2. Choose a channel number on the remote by pressing the ‘CH’ button.
3. Touch the on/off button with your finger 3 times (once per second), the LED light will flash red.
4. Press the vibrate button on the remote. The receiver will beep twice when paired to the remote.
You can refer to video attached:
The remote will go into auto standby without any operation of any of the 4 buttons & CH button in the center of the remote. When you press one of those buttons, the remote will activate. To turn the collar on or off, at the front of the collar where the LED light is, touch and hold for 3 seconds.
Plug the collar into the USB charger. The collar is programmed to automatically turn off when plugged into the charger. Unplug the collar from the charger, then turn on the receiver again. This will restart the internal program of the collar and resolve the issue.

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