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Blood Glucose Meter Monitor

Either the test strip has been reused or the sampling window of the test strip is wet.

Please follow steps below:

1. Insert the code chip (either for dog or cat) with the meter turned off and when the screen display the word "OK", remove the code chip.

2. Insert a new, valid test strip into the meter, and in normal circumstances, it will start to display the temperature, code number, and finally the "water drop" symbol will appears and it means the meter is ready to perform the test.

3. If after inserting a new test strip and if you still get the EU error then it means the meter has an internal mechanical fault and the meter needs to be replaced.

Note: You can also get an EU error if you place the blood on the test strip before inserting the test strip into the meter. You need to first insert the test strip then place the blood into the blood collection window.
‘E-b’ means the battery is too low to run a test and the battery needs to be replaced.
When ‘E-t’ is displayed, the temperature of the meter is below or above the system operation range of 10°C-40°C (50°F-104°F).
For other error types please refer to the user manual on pages 23 for problem solving and error symbols.
1. Insufficient blood sample - Please ensure that the blood sample fills the entire blood collection window, and it needs to be done only once. If the blood does not fill the collection window completely and the meter already starts to countdown the result will be incorrect.

2. Please make sure the correct code chip has been inserted into the meter before testing. If you use the code chip for Dogs and actually test on a Cat the result will be incorrect.

3. Please make sure the test strip is stored properly and the container is properly sealed. If the test strips are exposed to the air for too long, the enzyme will start to oxidate and affect the result. So you need to make sure the test strip vial has been closed tightly after each test.

Note: Cats can also have high blood sugar when they are nervous, anxious or stressed, sometimes the high blood sugar data obtained during the blood test does not mean that they are diabetic.

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