At the forefront of every responsible pet owner's priorities lies a profound understanding of the importance of safeguarding a pet's well-being, happiness, and freedom.

In this modern age of technological advancements, we have seen remarkable innovations that aim to provide our canine buddies with the freedom to roam while still keeping them safe. One such example is electric dog fences. These state-of-the-art dog fences offer a dual solution, combining the features of a traditional electric dog fence with a remote dog training function.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the advancements in containment technology, specifically 2in1 electric dog fences. Our ultimate goal is to explore the advantages and functionalities of these innovative systems and identify the key factors and considerations that make 2-in-1 electric dog fences a game-changer in the field of pet containment and training. Understanding the basics, advantages, and challenges of electric dog fences is vital for ensuring our dogs’ safety and freedom.

What is a 2-in-1 Electric Dog Fence?

A 2in1 electric dog fence is a flexible system designed to meet the containment and training requirements of pet owners. Basically the system has 2 functions - a fence function and a remote dog training function. These two system functions can be used independently of each other or simultaneously.

Compared to traditional electric dog fences, a 2n1 dog fence system combines two important functions---

1. Electric Dog Fence System

The electric dog fence system involves the installation of a boundary wire to create an invisible fence for containing your dog within a customised area to suit your yard layout.

When your dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning tone, followed by a vibration and then a shock. The shock is a static correction and will automatically increase in intensity based on your dogs temperament to discourage your dog from crossing the boundary.

This system offers a more tailored solution compared to a wireless system, as the wire can be customised to suit your yard layout whereas a wireless system has a fixed radius which doesn’t suit all yard types.

The transmitter box needs to be located indoors or undercover in a dry and protected area, and the wire forming the fence boundary must form a closed loop that starts and ends at the transmitter box.

2. Enhanced Remote Dog Training Feature

In addition to the invisible boundary system, the 2in1 system boasts an advanced remote dog training function. This wireless feature grants you the freedom to train your furry companion off-leash.

Equipped with a remote control device, you can effortlessly control and train up to 3 dogs at a distance allowing for effective obedience training, behaviour correction, and reinforcement of commands. With this powerful device at your disposal, you can take your dog's training to new heights and establish a stronger bond with your beloved pet.

Benefits of Using a Combined System for Containment and Training

The 2in1 electric dog fence offers several important advantages--

  • The 2-in-1 electric dog fence offers comprehensive training capabilities, allowing pet owners to tackle both containment and off-leash obedience training simultaneously. This dual functionality capability makes it a highly efficient and effective tool for pet training.
  • The system allows for consistent obedience training by allowing you to communicate commands, signals, or corrections to your dog off-leash and within the customised boundary. This helps with faster learning and adaptation to their environment as well as strengthens the bond between the owner and their pet.
  • The 2-in-1 electric dog fence system provides both safety and security for your dog. With the invisible boundary feature, it prevents your dog from wandering into high-risk areas such as busy roads or neighbouring properties. This ensures their safety and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is secure within the designated area and can be controlled in a dangerous situation at a distance.
  • The remote dog trainer is portable making it convenient to take on trips, trails and adventures. At the press of a button you will have a well-trained and obedient dog while exploring the great outdoors together. Experience the freedom of off-leash training in any environment with the advanced remote dog training function. Whether you're exploring parks, going for a neighbourhood walk, hiking trails, or enjoying outdoor adventures, this feature allows you to give your dog more freedom while maintaining complete control. Strengthen your bond with your furry friend as you reinforce commands, correct behaviour, and shape their obedience skills without the need for a leash.
  • The 2-in-1 electric dog fence system can be customised, giving you the ability to tailor the system to meet your dog's individual requirements. You can effortlessly set precise boundaries and training parameters that are perfectly suited to your furry friend. With this level of customization, you can effectively address your dog's specific training needs and achieve the best results.

Key Components and Functions

I. Electric Dog Fence Components

  • Boundary Wire: A wire that can be placed above or below the ground or mounted to an existing fence creating an invisible boundary to keep your dog within a designated area, ensuring their safety and preventing them from wandering into dangerous areas.
  • Transmitter Box: An electronic device that generates and sends a consistent radio signal through the wire to contain your pet within a designated customised area.
  • Receiver Collar: Worn by your dog, it receives signals from the transmitter and emits a warning tone, a vibration and increasing intensity levels of static corrections if your dog defies the boundary.
II. Remote Dog Training Components

  • Remote Control: The ergonomic, lightweight and durable hand-held device used for behavioural and off leash training sends a range of signals including a warning tone, various levels of increasing intensity of vibration and a static correction to your dogs collar at a distance, this enables better behavioural training, reinforcement and improving their dog's overall obedience.
  • Versatile Training Modes: Experience the flexibility of individual dog selection buttons, multiple training modes including warning sound, vibration and static stimulation levels tailored to meet your dogs temperament and training requirements. These modes can be adjusted in intensity, allowing pet owners to choose the most appropriate level of correction for their dog's temperament and sensitivity. The use of mild static stimulation is designed to be safe and effective, ensuring that it does not cause harm or distress to the dog.
  • Multi-Functional Receiver Collar: Enjoy the convenience of using the same collar for both pet containment and training purposes, simplifying the training process and saving you time and effort in setting up multiple devices.

Electric Dog Fences: Wired vs Wireless

The wired electric dog fence system are known for their precision and reliability in containing and training dogs within specific customised boundaries. The installation can be more complex and a labour intensive process. They are suitable for large properties without range limits, unlike wireless systems.

The wireless electric dog fence system uses a central transmitter that emits a radio signal in the shape of a circular containment area. The pet wears a collar that picks up this signal. The boundary for the dog is not defined by physical wires like in the case of a wired fence. The wireless system is easier & quicker to install but offers less precision in boundary shape and can be impacted by physical obstacles or interference. This is because the wireless signal can be affected by obstacles such as trees or buildings, and interference from other electronic devices. This type of system is more affordable and less labour intensive however not customisable, as effective and reliable (due to fluctuations in the radio signal) as a wired fence system.


Warning And Correction Methods

When it comes to electric dog fence systems, proper training and effective correction methods are vital for ensuring your dog's safety and obedience. Here are some key methods used in these systems:

  • Static Correction: One of the most common methods used by electric dog fences is static correction. When the dog crosses the “out of bounds” zone, a mild static correction is delivered through the receiver collar. This correction is designed to be safe, humane and effective, serving as a deterrent without causing harm to your pet. In many systems, the static correction is accompanied by a warning tone and a vibration.
  • Vibration Mode: Before emitting a static correction the collar will emit a vibration to get the dogs attention and correct the behaviour. The vibrating sensation is non static and is intended to distract or grab the dogs attention from unwanted behaviour or when teaching commands. Vibration mode is humane however not as effective for all dogs, particularly stubborn and hard to train dogs.
  • Warning Tone: Before administering a vibration, many electric dog fence systems emit a warning tone. This audible cue serves as an initial signal to your dog that they are approaching the “out of bounds” boundary zone. The warning tone encourages your dog to turn back so they avoid the vibration and static correction altogether.

Remote Dog Training Function

Wireless Capabilities

The remote dog training function in the 2in1 electric dog fences offers both freedom and flexibility. With the absence of physical boundaries, pet owners can train their dogs in any location, whether it be a spacious backyard, a local park, a neighbourhood walk or trail adventure where you want your dog to respond to commands even when they're not tethered to a leash. This wireless training capability eliminates the constraints of traditional training methods, enabling dogs to roam freely, explore at a distance and learn in a more natural and unrestricted manner.

The Remote Control Device

These training devices typically have a substantial range, enabling you to reinforce commands and redirect your dog from potentially dangerous situations. The remote training function can be especially useful in shaping behaviour, enhancing obedience, and ensuring the safety of your pet.

Training Techniques and Commands
The 2-in-1 versatile remote dog training function allows pet owners to adapt training sessions to different situations. The wireless system offers a wide array of training techniques and commands to suit every dog's unique needs. These include:

  • Basic obedience commands such as, sit, stay, come, and heel.
  • Behaviour correction, enabling pet owners to address unwanted behaviours like excessive barking or digging.
  • Advanced training, such as agility skills, recall, or specialized tasks, catering to the unique training needs of each dog.

Safety When Using The Remote Dog Training Function

To ensure the utmost safety and effectiveness of the remote dog training function, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and seek guidance from a professional dog trainer. These experts can provide valuable insights and tips on proper usage, training techniques, and the gradual transition from on-leash to off-leash training. Their expertise will help pet owners establish a strong bond with their dogs and foster positive behavioural changes.

Setting Up a 2-in-1 Electric Dog Fence

A. Steps for the installation of the electric dog fence (wired system)


Plan the layout
[make sure your dog has enough space to roam safely. We recommend at least 80m of boundary wire]
Lay the boundary wire along the designated perimeter
[the wire can be buried a few inches underground or secured above ground inside a conduit or mounted to an existing fence as long as the fence isn’t made of solid metal. It should form a closed loop back to the transmitter.]
Transmitter installation
[The transmitter’s location should be dry and secure; indoors or under cover, and close to a power source. It needs to be placed at least 3m away from any major electrical device or solid metal object.]
Connect the transmitter to the boundary wire
Transmitter configuration
[Adjust the dial on the transmitter to suit the range.]
Attach the receiver collar to your dog
[ensure a snug fit with 2 finger spaces between the strap and your dogs neck.]
Test the collar to ensure it’s functioning correctly
Dog training
[This involves walking your dog near the perimeter while on a leash so they will understand the boundary. Use verbal commands, positive reinforcement and training treats to enhance the training process. The static correction should be gradually introduced as a deterrent.]

B. Pairing And Using the Remote Training Function

Remote dog training functions can be an effective way to train and control your pet. Here are the steps for pairing the remote training function:

Step 1. To pair the remote training function with your dog's receiver collar, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This process usually involves syncing the two devices to establish effective communication between them. Ensure that you carefully follow the steps outlined by the manufacturer to successfully pair the remote training function with your dog's receiver collar. Do not have the collar on your dog when pairing the collar to your remote and testing the various modes.

Step 2. Choose training modes. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the different training modes and features that are available on the remote control device. Once you have a good understanding of these options, you can then select the mode that best suits your pets specific training needs.

Step 3. During off-leash training sessions, use the remote control to effectively communicate commands and corrections to your dog. This allows you to maintain a strong line of communication and ensures consistent reinforcement of commands. Remember to practice proper timing and positive reinforcement techniques to create a fun and rewarding learning experience for your furry companion.


A 2in1 electric dog fence offers a comprehensive solution for pet owners looking to ensure their dog's safety and enhance their training experience. This combined system provides flexibility, control, and peace of mind in a single package, making it an invaluable tool for responsible pet ownership.

With the 2-in-1 electric dog fence and responsible training techniques, you can provide your beloved furry friend with the best of both worlds: freedom and safety.
October 23, 2023 — Merliza Cabriles