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Extra Shock Collar for Standard Electric Dog Fence 

Great price, fast postage. Very happy and easy to use.

Blow dryer

It works great.

Comb and cutters

They are doing a good,lm no longer a full-time Shearer, I just clean up up few on my place.l found the comb and cutter doing a good job,

Hard too set up and collars wouldn’t work even after being on charge for 24hrs

good product affordable

I really like this pet meter, it’s affordable!

Pro Electric Dog Grooming Clipper Shears

Generally a great product. Cut through the dogs hair no problem. The guides are the only weak point. Metal is too flimsy and no definitive attachment point. Otherwise very happy with the purchase


Works just great. Just what I was looking for

Extra Supplies

Dog and cat blood glucose strips. Extra supply for diabetes and insulin monitoring. Use 2 a day. Accurate which is important. To be Recalibrated each time a new test strips container is opened.

Underground deluxe wire

Wire seems to be quite strong and I think it will be fit to put in the ground. My only issue is the spool holding the wire separated and almost allowed the escape of many inside loops of wire. This could have caused a massive tangle. Otherwise everything is going well.

Stopped my dogs from escaping

My dogs have learnt not to go near the fence and it has stopped them from digging to escape under the fences so happy I brought it and have recommended the product to everyone with dogs like mine

Great shampoo

Very happy with this shampoo & conditioner bar. The smell isn’t offensive and it leaves my dogs coats nice and shiny

Extra Underground Deluxe Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire - 150m, 20AWG, Wire Fencing

Product works well. However, I have a 600 metre perimeter and the collars only react less than a metre off the fence.

Waterproof collar

The best thing I liked is the waterproof collars. Our dog is constantly in the dam to cool off and they have so far, not been affected. We purchased the IPX7 one. I am a bit disappointed with the distance that it activates. Our dog must be very close before it works. We have tried all the troubleshooting but it hasn't changed. However, it definitely keeps our dog contained and does the job.

Great product

Great product, amazing customer service. Very helpful with setting up the system

Effective at interrupting big dog's impulses and bringing him to heel

My big dog (ridgebackX) is just under a year old, and has learned most of the tricks to being polite and friendly with humans. However he still has a couple of tendencies when he's on his own (sails completely over our 5ft fence and goes visiting neighbours) or around other dogs (forgets he speaks human and completely ignores calls).

I've found the remote dog trainer an excellent way of bringing his attention back in the heat of an impulse. He's mostly confused about what it is, and seems convinced there's an invisible waspbird attacking him, but he immediately returns from whatever hes doing and and heels for safety. Lots of cuddles and pats reinforces the safe space, and he's more and more running to me when he's nervous from anything even without the collar on (would previously ignore us and run to his kennel). Initially I always used the 3 levels in sequence (chime, buzz, zap) so that he associated them all with each other, so now I find I rarely if ever need to use the "zap" level.

I got the trainer along with the yard fencing energiser. Took me a while to install the fence, so he had learned all about the ways of the collar before the fence training started, which I think made it a quicker training session.

Great back up Service

We received two collars and one was not working as it should. I called up and I had a replacement in only a couple of days. Both now appear to be working.


I have 4 mastiffs and the fencing works great for the thanks

Best system I've had

Love this system , I always have control of my dogs and they won't leave the property now .

Collar for Standard Electric Dog Fence Kit

I am very happy with this product. I can highly recommend this product to anyone for the safety of our gorgeous fur babies. Thank you Rachel

Works but....

I unit works well over the 600m perimeter. However, the collars activate less than a metre away from the fence at full strength. I was hoping the collars would activate further away from the fence.

2in1 Electric Dog Fence with Remote Dog Training Collar Waterproof Rechargeable up to 3 Shock Collars Option

Happy With the Glucose Monitor

Works well, easier than the human glucose monitors. Recommend!

'A+' Communication

Through the whole process, the communication has been great. The order was easy to put in and came in good time with full tracking capabilities.
Emails to ensure that I was happy with the product and advise for setting it up.
I was happy with the product and look forward to using it to it's full capability soon.