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Shop for Top Quality Livestock Supplies Online

As a Livestock owner, you’ll understand the importance of ensuring your farm animals are kept safe, happy and healthy. Whether you are a hobby farmer or a rancher our extensive range of professional high quality and affordable livestock care products are suitable for all farm animals including sheep, cattle & horses.

Pet Control HQ carries a vast array of reliable shears, prodders, game hunting camera traps and other livestock supplies to accommodate your every need.

As a livestock owner, it's crucial that you have easy access to quality livestock supplies that will keep your animals happy and healthy. That's why we keep our online store well-stocked with all your livestock essentials, in one convenient location at affordable prices.

As devoted pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, rest assured that we are vigilant about quality testing all of our products before making them available to you in our online store.

Our livestock supplies are built for longevity

If you're looking to keep your animals well-groomed without your dog experiencing clipper burn and clipper irritation or an underpowered motor that just won’t cut, Pet Control HQ stocks A-grade clippers and shears that are designed by industry experts and built with premium materials for durability.

The 380W powerful-yet-quiet motor keeps your livestock calm and relaxed while the extra sharp blades make your shearing session efficient.

As for our cattle prodders, every item in the selection featured here has been carefully designed and manufactured to give your livestock the nudge they need in a humane and safe way. In fact, the high-pitched noise emitted is often enough motivation to manage and get your livestock moving.

These prodders are appropriate for a wide range of large animals, from cattle and horses to sheep, alpacas, llamas and even kangaroos. If you are also looking for pet supplies, we carry an excellent range of electric dog fences, anti-bark collars, grooming kits and pet health devices.

Free worldwide shipping on livestock supplies from Pet Control HQ

At Pet Control HQ, we are highly committed to providing excellent customer service that exceeds all expectations. That’s why we don’t charge for shipping on any items from our online store, in addition to providing a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you would like expert advice and recommendations in choosing the ideal item for you and your livestock’s specific needs or if you have a query about livestock supplies in general, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to help.

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Contact us on 1800 755 303 between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday for immediate assistance. Alternatively, you can email and we’ll respond to your query as soon as we can.