About Us

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About Our Founder

"My great passion for animals began at an early age…my life’s business is to care for them.” – Adie Schafner, Managing Director Pet Control HQ and Pet & Livestock HQ

Hello Fellow Animal Lovers! I'm Adrienne Schafner, the proud pack leader of Pet Control HQ and Pet & Livestock HQ.

Being a veterinarian's daughter, my love and passion for all animals, great and small, was nurtured at an incredibly early age. My childhood home was like a miniature zoo menagerie, filled with an array of varied and unusual pets. I spent my formative years assisting my father in his retail vet pet shop, not only learning about different types of animals but also acquiring invaluable hands-on experience. The trajectory seemed natural for me to merge my passion, knowledge and admiration for animals with my business acumen which led to establishing Pet Control HQ and Pet & Livestock HQ…a specialty pet shop as your animals deserve the very best care!

About Pet Control HQ

Located in the heart of Melbourne, our team are a pack of passionate pet enthusiasts, each one of us a pet parent too! We deeply understand the bonds we share with our furry family members and the importance of keeping them safe and healthy.

This understanding guides every decision we make and every recommendation we give. Our expertise doesn't just come from textbooks, it's enriched by the wagging tails and purring companions in our own homes. We believe in the products we sell, often testing them on our own four-legged family members. When we say a product is good, it’s because we've seen the tail wags and heard the purrs of approval first hand!

Our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of the 'go-to experts' in the realm of pet care, trusted not only by pet parents but also by numerous pet retailers & groomers. Even the Australian Police Force relies on some of our products to train their canine partners.

We pride ourselves on supplying top-quality pet care products not commonly available at your local pet store. We make certain they are affordable, because we believe every pet deserves the best care.

Pet Control HQ isn't just a store, it's a community. We want to be your first choice, your Headquarters for all your pet care needs. Whether it's advice, products, or simply sharing pet stories, we're here for you, your family, and your friends.

At Pet Control HQ, we're not just about pets, we're about love, care, and creating a community of happy, safe and healthy pets!