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Grooming Clippers

Check that the current carbon brushes are sitting flush, otherwise it will cause the motor to not work properly. If the carbon brushes are sitting flush, then the carbon brushes may need to be replaced with the extra set that is provided with your kit.

Note: If a carbon brush is missing, then it means the cap sealing the brush has loosened and caused the carbon brush to fall out.
For best performance, spray blades with cooling spray every few minutes and avoid long continuous use by taking small breaks to allow clippers to cool naturally.
For best grooming results, completely bathe and groom your dog before clipping, as dirt and mud clog clippers, making them dull and inefficient.
Pull the skin taught to allow the blade to travel smoothly.
For the most natural looking dog coats, cut dog hair with the lay of the hair.
For closer shaved dog coats, cut against the lay of hair.

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