What Are Cattle Prodders?

The cattle prod is a handheld tool used to herd and direct cattle or livestock. There are many different cattle prods, some are great for moving a herd, and others are made for getting their attention.

If you're a farmer or rancher working with livestock, a cattle prodder is an essential device for your safety. Cattle and  horses have a good amount of weight to them, and they can unintentionally be a danger to you if they get agitated. Having a prodder also gives you peace of mind when you are up close feeding, sorting, or trailing. 

How Does It Work?

There are 2 types of prodders:

1. A handheld device which is useful for close contact (i.e. feeding and sorting). It has a switch which you push and will emit a shock when the electrodes of the prodder contact the cattle of livestock skin (the back is best). The handheld prod  can fit in your pocket to free up your hands while working closely with your animals.

2.  A prodder with shaft is useful for moving and managing cattle or livestock. The one side (the handheld device) is intended for you to hold and you have a switch under your index finger, when pressed will activate the electrodes on the end of the shaft wand (you can get various length shafts). 

The Science Behind Prodders

Electric prodders are a high voltage, but a low current flow of electricity. This is a safe and humane way to control and manage a mob of cattle and livestock effectively and efficiently. 

A Cattle Drive

The prodder can be used when needed whilst herding cattle to maintain and move the group safely and effectively from one place to another.

Sorting & Feeding Livestock

When you go into an animal's pen, there's always a chance that the animal can become a danger to you. If an animal shows aggression towards you the prodder can be used to refocus their attention and remove yourself from the situation.

Breaking Up Dog Fights

A handheld prodder can be used for protection against aggressive dogs or if a fight breaks out between dogs this device is a great way to break up the fight. 

Is A Cattle Prod Right For You?

If you are a farmer or rancher managing livestock or moving animals through handling facilities ad truck then having a prodder on hand at all times is essential.

If you are a pet parent and are concerned about aggressive dogs when going for a neighbourhood walk or to the dog park for exercise then a handheld prodder can be a useful device for protection of you and your best friend!  

Pet & Livestock HQ Cattle Prods: The Reliable Solution

Our cattle prodders are humane and designed with features to give you added layers of protection and safety. A wrist strap, no aftershock, and a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge are just a few.

Check out our prodder range to choose the prod that best meets your needs!

April 23, 2022 — Nick Flint