Ultimate Dog Grooming Essential Pack - Large & XL Dogs

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Pamper your pooch with our Ultimate Dog Grooming Essential Pack that includes everything you need to keep your dogs skin and coat looking shiny and healthy! 

Pet Control HQ 2800W Professional Dog Grooming Dryer, Fantastic for large dogs with thick undercoats, deshedding or sensitive skin guaranteed to halve your drying time.

Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Professional Dog grooming Clippers ensure a seamless grooming session that won’t get bogged down or overheat whilst grooming.

Pet Control HQ Neem Oil Shampoo that Nourishes, conditions and soothes your dogs skin and coat whilst repelling insects without harsh chemicals.

Transform your pet care routine with our all-in-one spa pamper pack – because your dog deserves nothing but the best!


Dog Grooming Dryer:

  • Output Power: 500W - 2800W 
  • Adjustable Voltage: AC220V-240V/AC110V (depending on country) 
  • Airflow Speed: 25m/s-50m/s 
  • Temperature: Adjustable 30°C – 70°C 
  • Max Noise: < 78D 
  • Material: Full metal body and case 
  • Colour: Black 
  • Flexible Hose: 0.7m to 2.1m (adjustable) 
  • Features: Built-in heater, adjustable temperature control 
  • Noise Reduction: Up to 10% 
  • Wind Speed: Variable 
  • Wind Force: 1040g velocity 
  • Includes: 4 x PU nozzles with heat insulation 
  • Lightweight with portable handle 

380W Dog Grooming Clippers:

  • Voltage: AC220-240V/AC110V (depending on country) 
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (depending on country) 
  • Output Power: 380W 
  • Blade Width: 76mm 
  • Cable Length: 5.6m 
  • Blade Cutting Speed: 2500rpm 
  • Shear Capacity: 8-10 dogs/hr 
  • Color: Black & Blue 
  • Dimensions: 32cm x 8.5cm 
  • Weight: 1.5kg 
  • Full copper motor: High heat resistance, low noise/vibration 
  • Blade: Extra sharp, alloy steel, wear-resistant 
  • Overheat prevention: Ventilators for blades/head 
  • Adjustable blade tension via rotatable button 
  • Body: Strengthened nylon polymer for vibration reduction 
  • Easy-grip rubber handle 
  • Ergonomic design: Easy grip, high precision 
  • High durability, heavy-duty & easily manoeuvrable 
  • Includes: Portable carrying case 

Neem Oil:

  • Colour: Brown 
  • Weight: 100g 
  • Soap Dimensions: 70mm(L) x 2.5mm(W) x 70mm(H) 
  • Handmade and cured in Melbourne 
  • Contains Neem Oil (Tree of Gold) 
  • Chemical & Synthetic Free (No sulphates, palm oil, parabens, SLS, SLES) 
  • Conditioning and Gentle 
  • 100% Natural 
  • Moisturising & Nourishing 
  • Natural Flea Repellent 
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin 
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Made from Australian Sourced Ingredients 
  • Naturally Scented 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Cold Processed 
  • Easy to Wash Off 
  • Shelf Life: 18 months

Note: This dog grooming dryer operates on AC220V-240V for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and most other countries, and AC110V for USA and Canada. These voltages are set based on your location at purchase. Should you require a different voltage than your region's standard, please contact us directly to arrange a suitable alternative.

Package Contents & Bonuses

Your Package Includes: 

  • 1 Pet Control HQ 4.0HP Pet Grooming Hair Dryer 
  • 1 Flexible hose 
  • 3 PU nozzles with heat insulation design (slot, cylindrical, rectangular and flat mouth) 
  • 100g Neem Oil Artisan 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 
  • 1 Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Professional Electric Dog Grooming Clippers 
  • 1 Cleaning Brush 
  • 1 Clipper screwdriver 
  • 1 Carrying Case 
  • Operation instructions

PLUS - These FREE Bonus Gifts worth an extra $110 

  • 1 PU finger comb nozzle 
  • Extra filter 
  • 1 Extra blade 
  • 1 Bottle machine lubricating oil 
  • 1 Extra set carbon brushes 
  • 'Dog Grooming Tips & Techniques' ebook

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At Pet Control HQ, we're animal lovers. Our products are of the highest quality and recommended by pet parents worldwide.
4.9 Average Rating
100,000+ Happy Customers
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7 Great Reasons To Choose Our Professional Dog Grooming Hairdryer

  1. Groomer’s Choice for 2X Faster Drying
    Top groomers say they choose the Pet Control HQ dog blow dryer because the ruggedMotor delivers a quiet yet high-velocity (HV) blow force and the built in 1100W heater cuts down on drying times for faster grooming than with other dog hair dryers; In fact, many say they can do a full salon-grade blowout in under 10-minutes (even down to the undercoat)
  2. 5x More Powerful K9 Pet Dryer
    As you check out the pictures you’ll see the full range of forced-air settings that go up to 1040 grams blow force (and adjustable wind speeds of 50 to 180 mph), including ‘Blower Mode’ that lets you quickly clear loose hair on shedding dogs; Plus, the 4 insulated Polyurethane nozzles (not cheap PVC) focuses the high-velocity dryer force for massage-like pressure that blows away moisture, dust, and debris without burning your hands
  3. Adjustable Heat - No Burnt Fur Smell
    Your dog blow dryer even has a separate Heater so you can adjust temperatures between 86F-158F; Pick just the right amount of heat to give any sized dog a spa-grade groom at home with a heated flow that keeps them warm in winter months without overheating sensitive skin, turning fur black, or causing nasty ‘burnt fur’ smell
  4. Low-Noise, High-Velocity Dryer for Dogs
    The first touch of the solid metal body and case will tell you that this dog hair dryer is built for daily grooming use on even the biggest of dogs and thickest of undercoats; Unlike noisy K9 blowers that scare-pets, this dog dryer is professional and quiet (less than 78 dB) so your dogs won’t freak out when it’s turned on
  5. Portable & Hassle-Free
    Don’t let the rugged design fool you, this dog blow dryer is portable and lightweight with a molded handle that makes it easy to grab and go; Plus the hassle-free hose extends to a full 83-inches and retracts when not in use, so you can quickly find the best drying position to save your back and your knees
  6. Treat Your Dog to a State-of-the-art Dog Grooming Hairdryer from Pet Control HQ
    Drying your dog after a bath or a lively day enjoying the great outdoors can be an anxiety-inducing affair, usually because of two factors: your dog’s personality, and your hairdryer. It’s no secret that most dogs aren’t a huge fan of vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, or… well, fans. While loud mechanical noises are definitely not something most dogs are fond of, another common reason why dogs get restless at the sight of blow dryers is the hot air. A dog’s skin is much more sensitive than human skin, and a high temperature setting can be very uncomfortable for your furry companion.
  7. Save yourself the headache, with Pet Control HQ’s quiet dog hair dryer
    At Pet Control HQ, we stock quality dog grooming hairdryers that are purpose-built to make less noise and blow a little gentler. Not only does this save you from spending half an hour struggling to hold your dog in place with one hand while aiming the dryer at them with your other hand, but it makes the blow-dry routine a less stressful exercise for your dog, as well. With both hot and cold airflow speeds, Pet Control HQ’s selection of quality dog blow dryers allows you to get dirt, grit and excess water out of your pet’s fur and paws much more efficiently than traditional hairdryers… while giving them the silent treatment! Flexible hoses, nozzle attachments, combs and other innovative components all work together to make “drying time” a more relaxed and laid-back affair for pet and owner alike.


"It's our love for Animals & Passion for our products that sets us apart from the rest."

For Animal Lovers, by Animal Lovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof dog collars?

Water-resistant collars can withstand light rain or snow but shouldn't be submerged in water, whereas waterproof collars can be worn during baths or swims without damage.

How long do the batteries last in your products?

Battery life varies by product, but rechargeable collar batteries generally hold a charge for about 2 months, depending on usage and conditions.

At what age can I start using an electronic device on my pet?

It is recommended that pets be at least 6 months old and understand basic commands like "sit" and "stay" before using electronic devices.

Can I track my order online?

Yes, all dispatched orders come with a tracking number. Customers can use the provided UPS or USPS tracking URLs to check their order status online.

What are the warranty and replacement conditions if a product stops working?

If a product like a dog collar stops working due to damage, replacements may be offered under certain conditions related to the age of the purchase and the specifics of the damage.

What is the best way to take my dog out of the boundary or pet containment area?

Create an "invisible gate" at a specific location, turn off the system, remove the collar, and use commands like "sit" and "stay" to teach the dog where the exit point is.