As pet parents, we all want our furry family members to be kept safe and healthy. Diabetes is a condition that is increasingly prevalent in pets, particularly in cats and dogs, and requires vigilant monitoring. A critical part of managing your pet's diabetes is the ability to monitor their blood glucose levels accurately and effortlessly.

In the points below, we dive into an essential tool for this purpose: the blood glucose monitor. But with so many options available, what is the best glucose monitor for dogs and cats in Australia?

We’ll cut to the chase – Pet Control HQ’s Blood Glucose Meter Kit is your top-tier solution for monitoring diabetic pets in the comfort of your own home. Here’s why:

Vet-Approved for Fast and Reliable Results

In managing diabetes in pets, the foremost requirement is accuracy & reliability. Pet Control HQ's Blood Glucose Meter Kit is recommended by Vets due to the unique 2-code chip technology. , Known for ease of use, reliability and accuracy, this device gives you the assurance that your pet insulin is within the normal range.

Designed with Your Pet’s Comfort in Mind

If your pet is sensitive or anxious this impacts the accuracy of the result.  Being able to do the testing in the comfort of your home makes it a stress-free experience for your pet. This meter requires only a minimal blood sample of 0.6µL, which translates to less discomfort for your pet during each test. It is designed to be as non-invasive as possible, aligning with the goal of keeping your pet happy and calm throughout the process.

Easy One-Button Test Delivers Results in Seconds

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re dealing with a pet who might not understand why they need to sit still. The Pet Control HQ Blood Glucose Meter Kit features a simple one-button operation. This streamlined design ensures that you can get easy-to-read results in just 10 seconds, empowering you to effectively manage your pet’s glucose levels effortlessly.

The Perfect Companion: Pet Control HQ Glucometer Test Strips

To pair with this high-quality cat and dog glucose monitor, you’ll need the compatible. Pet Control HQ Glucometer Test Strips.   The test strips work seamlessly with the Pet Control HQ Blood Glucose Meter, ensuring lab-accurate results with the smallest blood sample required. The unique 2-code-chip technology, one calibrated for dogs and the other for cats, provides precise calibration for your specific pet, eliminating the hassle of guesswork or using multiple test strips.

Not only do these test strips allow for easy and stress-free testing, but they also enable the early detection of insulin imbalances in your pet. This proactive approach helps you to either prevent or quickly address episodes of hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) or hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) in your pet, ensuring their overall health and stability.

And for those pet owners who know the struggle of trying to insert a flimsy test strip while holding a wriggly pet – worry no more! These strips boast a sturdy, single-handed design that inserts into the meter test port with one push. This allows you to keep anxious and squirming pets calm while enjoying lab-accurate results with just one hand.

Keep track of your pet's health with our Dog & Cat Blood Glucose Meter Monitor Kit, an essential tool for precise diabetes and insulin monitoring.

The Verdict

When it comes to selecting the best glucose monitor for dogs and cats in Australia, the Pet Control HQ Blood Glucose Meter Kit paired with Pet Control HQ Glucometer Test Strips is an effective and reliable solution. This pet blood glucose monitor package is not only recommended by Vets but also focused on ease of use, accuracy, and your pet's comfort.

In the battle against pet diabetes, equip yourself with tools you can trust. Choose the Pet Control HQ products, which have been designed with both you and your beloved pet in mind, ensuring that you can manage your pet's health challenge with confidence and care.

September 08, 2023 — Adie Schafner