Deciding on the best way to keep your beloved pet safe while giving them the freedom to roam can be a challenging decision for any pet owner. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the pros and cons of invisible electric dog fences to help you make an informed decision. Whether you are asking, “does an invisible fence work?” or “are electric fences safe for dogs?”, Pet Control HQ has got you covered.

Pros of Invisible Electric Dog Fences

Lower Cost than a Traditional Fence

  • Initial Investment

One of the most significant advantages of choosing an invisible electric dog fence is the lower initial investment required. Traditional fences, whether they are made of wood, metal, vinyl, or chain link, require a significant amount of material.

The costs of these materials can add up quickly, and that’s before factoring in the labour costs for installation. In contrast, invisible electric dog fences come as complete systems with all the necessary components included. The package generally consists of a transmitter, collar receiver, boundary wire and training flags, making the initial set-up cost relatively low.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

Traditional fences require regular maintenance, such as painting, staining, or sealing, to prevent weathering and deterioration. They are also prone to damage from various factors like storms, falling branches, rust, or even playful or aggressive pets who might chew or scratch the fence. When a traditional fence is damaged, the repair costs can be substantial, requiring replacement materials and additional labour.

On the other hand, invisible electric dog fences require minimal maintenance. The primary components are the boundary  wire (can be placed above or below the round or mounted to an existing fence), which is suitable for all weather conditions and external factors and the collar receiver, which is designed to be durable and robust..

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

If you move to a new property or decide to reconfigure the boundaries of your pet’s play area, a traditional fence can be costly and labour-intensive to relocate or modify. In contrast, adjusting the boundaries of an invisible electric dog fence is often as simple as repositioning the boundary wire and adjusting the settings on the transmitter. This flexibility saves you the expense and hassle of dismantling and rebuilding a physical fence.

  • Long-Term Value

While the upfront cost of an invisible electric fence is typically much lower than a traditional fence, the savings extend into the long term as well. Because these systems require little maintenance and are not prone to damage from weather or wear and tear, they can be a more economically sustainable option for pet owners. Moreover, these systems are generally energy-efficient, so the ongoing cost to power the system is very affordable.

  • Aesthetics and Property Value

While not a direct cost, it’s worth noting that an invisible electric fence doesn't alter the appearance of your property. Traditional fences can sometimes be seen as an eyesore, and in some cases, they may even lower the property's perceived value. An invisible fence allows you to maintain the natural beauty of your landscape, which can be a selling point if you ever decide to move.

Great for Any Terrain

  • One of the standout advantages of invisible electric dog fences is their adaptability to a variety of landscapes. Whether your property is - flat, wooded, partially fenced or has a mix of open land and garden areas, an invisible electric dog fence can be custom designed to suit your unique layout. Traditional fences may be difficult to install in uneven or rocky areas, but an invisible fence’s boundary wire can easily be laid out to match the contours of most
  • Properties with significant natural features, such as streams, rocks, or mature trees, may be compromised by the installation of a traditional fence. Invisible electric fences allow these features to remain untouched and preserved. There's no need to clear large sections of your property, which helps to maintain the natural aesthetics and environmental benefits of your land.
  • For those with expansive properties, fencing the entire area with a traditional fence can be impractical and prohibitively expensive. An invisible electric fence, on the other hand, is a cost-effective solution for large properties, allowing you to easily establish boundaries for your pet without the need for extensive physical barriers.
  • Invisible electric fences can be customised to create specific zones within your property. This means you can allow your pet access to certain areas while keeping other parts of your yard, like a garden or pool area, out of bounds. Achieving this level of specificity with a traditional fence can be complex and expensive, requiring additional gates and segmented areas.
  • Installing a traditional fence often involves significant excavation, which can disrupt the ground and existing landscaping. In contrast, invisible electric fences require only the placement of a boundary wire, which can be buried just below the surface or placed along existing barriers – this results in minimal disruption to your property during installation.
  • Traditional fences are susceptible to damage from severe weather conditions such as heavy winds, snow, or falling debris. An invisible electric dog fence remains unaffected by these factors, ensuring that your pet's boundaries remain consistent and secure regardless of weather conditions.

Doesn’t Block Your Views

One of the electric fence's benefits is that they are invisible, thereby preserving the aesthetics of your property. You can maintain your picturesque landscape without compromising the safety of your furry friend.


Invisible electric dog fences are remarkably easy to install. Plus, if you ever move, the system can move with you. This makes it a convenient long-term investment in your pet's safety.


With proper training, invisible fences provide a safe and secure - boundary for your pet. They are designed to give a warning signal followed by a vibration and then a humane static correction if your dog attempts to cross the boundary.

Decreased Human Error

Traditional fences come with gates that people can accidentally leave open – but with an invisible fence, that risk is eliminated.

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Cons of Invisible Electric Dog Fences

Training Required

For an invisible fence to work effectively, training your dog is essential. This can be time-consuming and may require a professional trainer’s assistance.

Chance of Escape

While rare for well-trained dogs, there is still a possibility that a highly-stubborn or hard to train dogs (husky’s are known for this) might cross the boundary, despite receiving a static correction.

Outside Distractions

While your dog may not cross the boundary, outside distractions like squirrels or other dogs can still tease or provoke your pet from the other side of the boundary.

Nothing Keeping Other Animals Out

An often-overlooked con is that while an invisible fence keeps your dog in, it doesn't keep other animals, or people, out. This could potentially expose your pet to risks from the outside.

For a deeper understanding of how these systems work, why not read How Do Electric Dog Fences Work?

Are Electric Fences Cruel?

A common question that pet owners ask is: are electric fences humane? The answer is yes. Invisible electric dog fences use a static correction (not electrical), which is designed to be gentle, safe and get your dog’s attention, but not to harm them. It’s comparable to the static shock you feel when you touch a doorknob after walking across a carpet. They are designed with your furry friend's safety at the forefront.

Final Thoughts

When weighing the pros and cons of an invisible fence, it's essential to consider your pet's temperament property, and lifestyle. Invisible electric dog fences can give you peace of mind that your dog is safe and contained. As a pet owner, it is humane,  a reliable, effective and cost-effective solution. However, it is essential to commit to the proper training of your dog as dogs similar to humans learn through association

Here at Pet Control HQ, we are committed to helping you make the best choices for your pet's safety, health and happiness. Explore our range of quality-made invisible electric dog fences and make the step towards a safe and secure area for  your furry friend to roam freely.

Please note that while invisible electric fences are designed to be a safe and effective solution for most dogs, they are not suitable for every dog. Consult with a veterinarian or a professional trainer to determine if an electric fence is the right option for your pet. This blog post is intended to guide pet owners and should not replace professional advice.

March 18, 2022 — Nick Flint