Have you always wanted to start your own ranch? Does owning land, being self-employed, and raising animals sound like something you'd like to do?

Whether you want to make this a full-time job, or a fun side project to work on while you're at home, ranching can be a very rewarding endeavour. You can produce your own milk, beef, wool, honey, and much, much more!

Here are a few tips to start turning your ranching dream into a reality:

1. Get The Right Equipment

You don't want to go for the lowest possible price when you're shopping around for equipment. Aim for the highest quality that still fits into your budget, so it will last for years to come.

Pro tip: If you find a ranch that's closing down or going out of business, try to buy all of their equipment at a hefty discount.

2. Network With The Neighbors

Nobody knows the lay of the land better than local farmers. You might get advice from YouTube or Google, but their way of doing things might work well for their climate, but maybe not for yours.

Become friends with your neighbors, you never know who has the missing part to your tractor, or a surplus of water when you run out on the hottest day of the year.

3. Check The Zoning Laws & Permits

Each plot of land has a certain zoning code. Some plots can be used for ranching and others can't. While I won't get into much detail about zoning, reference the Australian Land Use Handbook to learn more.

4. Choose Which Livestock To Focus On

Chickens, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and horses are all popular options for ranchers.

Being a cattle rancher has very different requirements than owning a chicken coop. Do your research and choose the best animals for your goals.

5. Start By Crawling

Crawl before you walk, walk before you run. What does your crawl look like?Maybe start with one chicken coop before turning 3 of your acres into a free-range chicken pen.

It's much easier to fix a small mistake than a massive one. Take it slow and learn as you go.

Final Words:

Being a rancher of any kind takes hard work, don't be discouraged when mistakes are made, because you will make a lot and that's the best way you learn. Go ahead and browse our livestock collection or electric dog fences to get an idea of what animal(s) you'd like to ranch.

March 15, 2022 — Nick Flint