Raising livestock can be very fruitful, but with ranching comes great responsibility. You aren't the only living being that sees cattle as food, and roaming animals might see your livestock as an opportunity. And if getting to your livestock is as easier as slipping through a gap in your fence, then they could very well try.

Here are a few steps to make sure your permitter is secure, and your animals are safe from predators. 

Get Livestock Guardian Animals
It's unrealistic that you'll be looking out for potential threats 24/7, so why not leave it up to man's best friend? There are breeds that are more inclined to protect your livestock and ward off any weary predators. Some of the best livestock guardian breeds are Great Pyrenees, Rottweiler, Anatolian Shepard, and Doberman.

Shelter Livestock Every Night
Most predator attacks happen late at night because they are nocturnal creatures. Leaving them outside overnight leaves them exposed to potential threats. Keep your animals inside a barn or shelter at night so they aren't vulnerable in the open.

Reconsider Management

Sit down and think about what processes you have in place for managing your livestock. If there are ways you're doing things that leave your livestock exposed, try a different method to ensure their safety.

Patch Up Any Holes
Predators are always looking for holes in your fence that they can slip into. Once they find a weak spot to break through, that could be their chance to attack. Put yourself in the shoes of a predator and take a few laps around the fence and identify any potential weak spots. Once you've got that figured out, patch up the holes.

Improve Your Fencing
By making your fencing stronger and improving upon any weak spots, you'll make it more of a challenge for wandering predators to enter. Make the fence higher, switch to a more durable material, and that'll increase the odds of your fence keeping out the predators.

Our Recommendation 

The best way to prevent attacks on your livestock is to charge your fencing with an electric shock. Our solar-powered fence energiser is extremely effective for keeping your livestock protected at all times, and it's super easy to set up. It's lightweight, portable, and runs without needing to connect any source of power. Our customers have had great success preventing attacks from predators and containing your animals with ease.

November 02, 2022 — Nick Flint