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Check that the current carbon brushes are sitting flush, otherwise it will cause the motor to not work properly. If carbon brushes are sitting flush then the carbon brushes may need to be replaced with the extra set that is provided with your kit.

Note: If a carbon brush is missing then it means the cap sealing the brush has loosened and caused the carbon brush to fall out.
We recommend the following when shearing your animal:

* Make certain that the tension is not too tight on the blades.
*Oil the blades before you start shearing your sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, etc.
*When you pull the skin taut on your sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas etc then the shears will move more easily, and you will get a closer cut.
*It is important to constantly use your left (or non-dominant) hand to stretch the skin you are about to shear.
*Start by shearing the right side (including the neck, shoulders, and head) of your sheep, goat, alpaca, or llama.
*Shearing is an art, so you need to get into a rhythm as you shear. This will help you to move easily from one section to another. You will need to oil the blades throughout the shearing process.
*We recommend starting by shearing the ears first.

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