There's no doubt that you've experienced it - a dog standing at the border of its yard, gazing at you without crossing its unseen boundary. You might attribute this to exceptional training, and you wouldn't be wrong, but there's a technological helping hand at play too - an invisible electric dog fence.

An invisible dog fence, also referred to as an electric dog fence, is a revolutionary tool that ensures your beloved pet remains within a predetermined space. These fences create an invisible boundary that stops your dog from venturing beyond your lawn. So how do these invisible fences work? How do they keep dogs within an invisible barrier while allowing them their freedom?

The workings of an electric dog fence revolve around a basic but innovative system. The set-up includes a wire, connected to a transmitter installed inside your house or garage. This wire is carefully buried (above or below the ground) around the “safe area”, the zone designated for your dog's activities. 

The minute your canine friend strays too close to the boundary (the buried wire), the transmitter box emits a radio signal. This signal fans out 360 degrees around the wire and reaches the electronic dog collar your pet wears. This collar is equipped to emit a beeping sound as a warning to your dog.

Should your dog, out of curiosity or excitement, continue moving towards the boundary wire despite the beep, it will receive a mild correction through the radio signal. This correction acts as a deterrent, teaching the dog to retreat towards the “safe area”whenever it hears the beep.

The Role of Training: Do Invisible Fences Work Without It?

While the technology of an electric dog fence seems foolproof, the system's efficacy relies heavily on appropriate training. An untrained dog might not understand the warnings and corrections, leading to an ineffective invisible fence.

The process of training your dog to understand the workings of the invisible fence, though crucial, isn't tedious or complicated. On average, it takes 15-minute sessions, twice-daily over a two-week period, to ensure your dog is familiar with and respects the boundaries of the electric dog fence.

Though it may seem daunting initially, at Pet Control HQ we've made it simple with a step-by-step manual that accompanies every electric dog fence product we offer. Additionally, our friendly customer service team is readily available to resolve any queries or issues you might encounter.

When trained properly, your dog will respond effectively to the invisible fence, and you can enjoy peace of mind as your pet roams freely within the designated area. Our electric dog fences are known to keep your dogs safe and secure, and we're confident that they'll work for you and your dog.

It's time to say goodbye to constant worries about your pet escaping and say hello to carefree outdoor play. Order your invisible electric dog fence today!

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July 07, 2022 — Nick Flint