Hunters have plenty to think about while they’re out in the woods, but worrying about the quality of their dog’s collar shouldn’t be a concern. The right dog collars can be the difference between an inexperienced bird chaser and a true four-legged hunting companion. Help get your dog prepared for the hunt while being tough enough to stand up to the challenge.


What's The Best Type of Collar?

E-collars allow hunters to train their dogs through stimulation, vibration, and tone. A special remote control allows owners to train their dogs for hunting from a distance without painful shocks, helping your dog to become the hunting partner you need.

Happy pet parents say that our remote dog training collar has helped for wandering at the park, on hunting trips and adventures as well as trail running and daily walks. It also has a built in automatic anti bark collar to stop your dogs persistent barking.


Are These Collars Only For Hunting?

Your dog doesn’t have to be out on the hunt to need some extra protection. Our bright orange collars make it easier to spot your dog when it gets dark out. Chasing after rabbits and running around the neighborhood is fun and all, but it only takes one accident to change everything. Orange safety collars help people spot rambunctious pups when they’re driving or just out and about.

Use our hunting collar to keep them safe and train them how to be the best hunting sidekick you could ask for. 



July 10, 2022 — Nick Flint