Grooming Time Is Easier With Great Blades

Even though dogs look amazing after they've been groomed, it's typically not an easy process. It can take several hours depending on the size of the dog, the thickness of the coat and how co-operative they are during the grooming process.

If you’re ready to give your pup a shave in the comfort of your home, you’re in luck because we’re going to cover everything you need to know on how to clean dog clippers and keep them in good condition.

Mastering Blade Maintenance – How to Clean Dog Clippers for Optimal Performance

Ensuring your dog’s grooming session is seamless and comfortable for you and your dog begins with understanding how to clean dog clipper blades properly. Regular maintenance not only sharpens the blades but also significantly extends their lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

A key element in maintaining these grooming tools involves the best way to clean clipper blades to prevent clipper irritation – a discomfort often mistaken for being solely caused by heat but actually stems from dull or dirty blades. This underscores the importance of pristine blade condition for your furry friend’s comfort.

A meticulous approach to how to clean grooming blades involves disinfecting them between each use. This critical step ensures the safety and well-being of all canine clients by preventing the transmission of diseases and skin issues.

Employing specialised disinfecting sprays designed for grooming tools, rather than generic household cleaners, protects the blade’s integrity while effectively sanitising it. For those seeking an innovative approach, utilising ultraviolet light sanitation offers a quick, effective method to ensure your grooming tools are free from harmful pathogens.

How often should you clean and oil your blades? The mantra here is regularity. Ideally, blades should be cleaned and oiled before, during and after every grooming session – this routine prevents the blades from going dull. Using a cooling spray whilst grooming keeps the blades from overheating.

We recommend the Pet & Livestock HQ Professional 380W Dog Grooming Clippers, heavy-duty shears designed for large dogs with thick hair or fur.


When it comes to how to clean clippers after use, adopting a comprehensive cleaning regime that includes switching out blades between dogs allows for uninterrupted grooming sessions. Keeping multiple blades on hand means you can replace a used blade with a clean, oiled one, ensuring continuous, efficient grooming.

Deep cleaning your blades at the end of a busy grooming day is also essential. Techniques such as submerging the blade teeth in a cleaner designed specifically for grooming blades, followed by careful oiling, can restore the blades.

This detailed attention to blade care not only preserves the sharpness and smooth performance of your clippers but also demonstrates your commitment to providing the best grooming experience. Remember, a little effort in maintaining your grooming cutter goes a long way in ensuring the health and happiness of your four-legged -pet.

Why Do I Need To Keep The Blades Clean?

There are a couple of ways your blades can deteriorate and lose their effectiveness. Rust, moisture, overheating, going dull, and getting bogged down with fur up the motor are some of the most common ways that clippers become ineffective.

Luckily, by following these few steps on the best way to clean clipper blades, you’ll be able to keep your clippers in great condition and make -grooming time an easy and pleasant experience.. Oh wait, that’s not until after the shear is over!

Don't Let This Happen!

It’s important to clean and oil your blades right after using them – as mentioned above, letting moisture and clumps of hair build-up is a quick way to deteriorate your clippers. Here’s how to clean grooming blades and keep grooming time easy for you and your pup:

  • Remove The Excess Hair & Dirt: After the trim is finished, pull any visible clumps of hair off of the blade. Use a cleaning brush to remove any loose hair from the blade and clipper. This is a key step in how to clean clippers after use.
  • Cool It: Use a cooling spray that can be used throughout the grooming process to prevent the blades from getting too warm.
  • Disinfect It: Disinfect it to kill and remove any bacteria or fungi. Let the spray sit on the blade for approximately 2 minutes and then wipe the excess off the blade with a dry, soft cloth. This step is crucial in how to clean dog clipper blades
  • Oil It: Oil the clipper blades after cleaning and throughout the grooming process to prevent the blade from going dull quickly.
  • Store It: Store the clippers away in a clean, dry place (preferably in the case it came in) to avoid exposure to moisture and prevent rusting. Coil the cord instead of wrapping the cord around the clipper to prevent strain which over time can lead to loosening of the wire resulting in your clipper no longer working.

How To Make Grooming Easy & Painless

Part of having the best experience while grooming comes down to the equipment used. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure our blades are extra sharp and our clippers are powerful, stable and effective..

Shave off hours of grooming time with our professional dog clippers. The reduced vibration & sharp blades result in a smooth and efficient cut that doesn’t startle your dog, making it a pleasant experience for both you and your dog!

April 23, 2022 — Nick Flint