Traditional Fences vs. Electric Fences
There's nothing quite like having an outdoor space to call your own, especially when you have a fence. It creates separation and privacy from the outside world, keeping strangers out and your loved ones in. The best part is the peace of mind, but that can quickly fade away when your dog discovers a way out. That's where electric fences come into play, we'll get to that shortly.

Why Traditional Fences Don't Work for Some Dogs

There's no denying it, certain dogs are escape artists that can find their way out of every fence. Whether it's digging a hole or jumping right over the fence, they never fail to find a weakness in the permitter. If your dog is known for finding a way out of the fence, then it might be time to look at electric dog fences.

When Electric Dog Fences Are Ideal
If you let your dog outside only to find yourself constantly checking if they're still there, then it might be time to get an electric fence. Once a dog knows that it can escape, then the effectiveness of your traditional fence is compromised. If your dog can't be looked after, then it could get into trouble or even put itself in danger.

How It Works
There are several parts of the electric dog fence, and they all work together. Firstly, you have the collar, which has an adjustable strap and keeps the dog contained in the permitter. Then there is a boundary line, which goes around the designated permitter of where your dog is allowed to roam.

When your dog crosses the boundary line, its collar sends a light jolt that communicates to them to return to the designated roaming area. The great part is, after they know the effect of crossing the boundary line, most dogs never attempt to leave the roaming area ever again. 

What Customers Have Experienced
"Excellent online customer service and the product is great. Easy to install and keep your dog safe from getting bad habits!" - Jeni

"Very easy to set up and effective. My two little dogs learned where their boundaries were on day one and now only need the tonal beep to remind them. Pricing and quick delivery was great too." - Jackie

"Dogs were digging day after day and getting out, started happening daily 6 weeks ago. Did not know why, and I could not stop it. Bought the electric dog fence kit x2 collars and received it within 24 hours (wow) setup 2 weeks ago, dogs have not got out since. They have adapted and are happy as well. Solid buy at a good price! Worth it" - Tyler

"This works perfectly, I tested it on myself before putting it on my dogs. Not painful at all highly recommended if your dog is an escape artist." - Tamika

Try Out the Electric Dog Fence, Risk-Free
Electric Dog Fences aren't for every dog, that's why we offer a test 30-day period. Try it with your dog and see if it's an effective solution, then make your final decision. Return it hassle-free with no questions asked, you're covered by our money-back guarantee. If it's not for you then we'll reimburse you with a full refund, no questions asked. 

October 15, 2022 — Nick Flint